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Your Liabilities Are Permanently Removed – Guaranteed

Liabilities removedEven if you contract a third party to remediate your site, you may still be liable if the job’s not done properly. And a release won’t help.

So in the back of your mind, do you have a nagging fear about that remediation being done correctly and will you be found out by the EPA?

At Virotec, we remove your fear of prosecution after the event, by:

  1. knowing what the latest and relevant environmental penalties and legislation are and how they relate to your circumstances;
  2. providing a free of charge risk assessment audit to quantify your risks, the likelihood of them happening and the associated remediation costs. We don’t doctor audits to get work so if there are doubts, then let us agree on an independent third party to assess our findings. Prove us wrong and we will pay for the costs of that assessment;
  3. providing environmental treatment and remediation for any issue or problem – we deliver what we say we will. We are the experts who tackle the really difficult problems. And if there is an unforeseen contaminant that we didn’t pick up in our initial assessment, then you pay no more; and
  4. guaranteeing our results. We will pay any EPA fines if we don’t deliver and we will also indemnify you against any further prosecution penalties.
Combine our methodology, guarantee and 100% track record, and forget about any fears of prosecution.