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No PR Nightmares or Negative Publicity

No PR NightmaresNo one wants to have their name negatively splashed all over the paper for any environmental issue. Or have outraged pressure groups or the government crawling all over them.

We remove all of your environmental liabilities and manage the fallout for any environmental issue.

How do we do this?:

  • our staff are media trained – no TV cameras catching the untrained and unwary off guard
  • if the problem starts to spiral out of control and go viral on a national scale, we will bring in first rate professional PR experts
  • we will jointly derive a PR plan and keep you briefed so you know what is happening at all times
  • apart from regulatory and operational requirements, we will only speak to other stakeholders if asked to by you.

With our 100% track record, you can forget any fears of an environmental disaster or PR fallout.