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Take Advantage of Your Free Site Audit and Analysis

auditHow do you know if you have a site that requires simple or complex remediation, or is remediation required? Who do you trust to make that call and at least cost, to make your contaminated site compliant? The answer is Virotec.

Your Site Audit is Free

At Virotec, we will provide you with a free of charge audit to identify what your remediation options are, and their associated costs. In the audit, we will assess if we can convert your contaminants into assets and sell them on your behalf – if it’s better than cost neutral, you remove a problem and turn a profit from your contamination!

And if we are contracted to undertake your remediation, then your initial site analysis will also be free. Plus we will wear the risk and any subsequent cost of removing any unforeseen contaminants.

And to cap it off, if we don’t deliver on what we promise, you will pay us nothing plus we will pay any EPA fines and indemnify you against any prosecution penalties – guaranteed.

Cost reductions through innovation and expertise.