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Getting The Technology Right

(so your site is always completely and legally remediated)

Getting the Technology rightEvery site requiring remediation is unique. Factors that determine site remediation include:

  • buildings and their construction
  • types and concentrations of contaminants
  • topography, geology and meteorology
  • your budget and timelines

So what is the right technology to use for your site remediation? The answer is the one that suits your individual site and financial requirements.

At Virotec, we will work with you and your team to try to understand what your site remediation issues are and to financially quantify them.

Based on our expertise and know how, we can then present you with a set of scenarios for you to consider with associated SWOT, variation and risk analyses and financial weightings.

You then choose what’s right for you and your budget and then we remediate.

Dig, Transport and Dump

Once your contaminants have been treated by Virotec, they may need to be taken off site to be disposed of as landfill. The removal of soil and contaminants to a licensed disposal facility requires the dig, transport and dump option.

Dig and dump technology is simple. But we know of many unscrupulous operators taking short cuts. If that load comes from your site, you will always be liable.

Virotec has formalised working and low cost relationships with all of the major Australian transport companies and landfill sites.

We will hunt down those licensed operators and sites which best financially suit your needs as we are not tied to any inter-company department or site.

Virotec Has the Skill Set So We Get It Right For You

At Virotec, we believe that our solutions are second to none. We can treat your site contaminants to make them safe and non hazardous so that they can be disposed of general landfill at a greatly reduced cost.

Virotec also has the skill set to do the best possible job for you:

  • the expertise of our key personnel exceeds over 200 years – nothing is too hard
  • we have spent more than $30 M on our proprietary research and development – we can cheaply remediate toxic and hazardous waste to non hazardous waste
  • we have a 100% track record – we never fail to deliver what we promise
  • if there is a market, we will sell your contaminants (and you keep the dollars)
  • we have a special relationship with all of the major Australian disposal sites – low landfill costs are part of our cost minimisation package

We know what we are doing as when the going gets tough, many of our competitors come to us.

Virotec Takes Away Your Liability

Even if you contract out the remediation, collection, storage and disposal of your site materials to a third party, you will still be liable for their actions. Even with a release.

So do you know what they are doing or do you care? Do you just want them to make good you’re your site without bothering you!

At Virotec, we take control and assume responsibility for all of your liabilities, licensing and approval issues for your site remediation, including contaminant collection and disposal.

We guarantee that you will always comply with any legislative requirements. We will keep a close eye on the operations at all times to make sure that any regulatory standards are strictly maintained.

Virotec will regularly update you on the status of our operations, and we will keep on file for your perusal at any time, the relevant documentation.

On a regular and agreed basis, we will prepare for you, a short form report which shows that we have achieved 100% compliance with the relevant authorities.

Complex problems made simple.